Saturday, 7 September 2013

can popping a pill make you more beautiful..?

Friday after work I took a trip to selfridges in Oxford Street. Little did I know I would be buying £60 pills claiming to make my skin glowing, hair shiny and nails strong. Okay so I worked out it would cost me £1.50 a day, the equivalent of half a Starbucks... justified? I did get home and gulp a little when I looked at my receipt along with several mac products...oops.

The Organic Pharmacy captured my attention as soon as I charged along towards the make up. The marketing is definitely great. In fact, as I'm typing I am hoping I haven't been ripped off by the excellent doctor-style packaging and catchy name. It didn't help that I am a sucker for organic food, and my interest in health dates way back. I was doomed.

My health-guru and organic partner in crime (my mother) oood and ahhhed at the selection. I ended up buying this "immune tonic" and also this "detox supplement" for my mum. Just 'cos I'm a great daughter, obvs.

THIS is the big one. My sixty pound 150 capsule bottle of promised radiance.

Have I made a massive mistake? Should I have just opted for Clinique's new super primer?! (check 'em out!) Or does beauty really start from within?

What do you guys think?

P.s. I am a poor student


  1. Nice you really are a great daughter I do not use Clinique so I cannot give an opinion on that.

  2. I think its worth a try. I'm totally up for vitamins but one should not use them regularly for long. I get them after every two or three months. My last favorite was Beautify me by Inner Me. And in my personal opinion they definitely work. :)

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